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Ultimate Cruise Packing List

First, I realize some people may think this list is excessive, but it doesn’t mean you need to pack everything. We are a cruising family and we don’t use EVERYTHING on the list, but everyone and every family is different. This list was compiled by talking to my extended family members (who are seasoned cruisers)… Continue reading Ultimate Cruise Packing List

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4th of July at the Villas, NJ

Thursday afternoon we got back from the Poconos work trip. Friday we had a ton of last minute errands for my oldest son’s birthday party. Saturday we had his birthday party (dinosaur themed and so much fun!). Sunday was actually a nice relaxing afternoon with family and enjoying a cookout. Monday through Wednesday clean and… Continue reading 4th of July at the Villas, NJ

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Poconos – Stroudsburg and Wilkes-barre My husband travels throughout the year for his job and, when we can, my boys and I like to travel with him. This trip was no exception, but it was the first time traveling with the new baby. I’m must admit, it was a bit intimidating and I seriously considered not going. However, the… Continue reading Poconos – Stroudsburg and Wilkes-barre