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10 Hidden Costs of Cruising

10 Hidden Costs of cruising!You have it all figured out, found a cruise in your budget, food, and drinks are included, take money for souvenirs. However, you’re not done yet. There are some hidden costs you may not have thought about and they can easily add up. You may not have to budget for all… Continue reading 10 Hidden Costs of Cruising

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7 Must Do’s on a Carnival Cruise

Cruising offers a plethora of things to do, especially on sea days. It’s great because there really is something for everyone. Looking at the list of offerings can be overwhelming and there isn’t time to do everything. This makes for some hard decisions. After multiple cruises, we have been able to narrow it down and… Continue reading 7 Must Do’s on a Carnival Cruise


19 Kid-Friendly Activities on a Carnival Cruise

Many people have the stereotypical view of cruising that it’s all just drinking and partying. However, cruising is a great family vacation option. Not only are there great activities for adults, but there are also tons of things for kids to do as well. Carnival prides itself on being a family-friendly cruise line, so the… Continue reading 19 Kid-Friendly Activities on a Carnival Cruise

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Was it Good?! A Mystical Treatsss Café Review

https://youtu.be/xRnILtZmO8w Most of us growing up have read the stories of the knight in shining armor saving the princess. These stories usually take place in a world full of dragons, elves, unicorns, and the like. Imagine if this fantasy world could get pulled into the world around us. If this really could happen, I think… Continue reading Was it Good?! A Mystical Treatsss Café Review

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The Crayola Experience…We Survived!

https://youtu.be/FYL1w_S9Rpw The Lehigh Valley offers a lot of different experiences to those who visit it. One of the more immersive experiences they have is the one found at the Crayola Experience. This building contains 4 floors of everything that is Crayola. While we were in the area, we had a chance to check it out.… Continue reading The Crayola Experience…We Survived!