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Was it Good?! A Mystical Treatsss Café Review

Most of us growing up have read the stories of the knight in shining armor saving the princess. These stories usually take place in a world full of dragons, elves, unicorns, and the like. Imagine if this fantasy world could get pulled into the world around us. If this really could happen, I think it would probably be something like a place we found in Hellertown, PA called Mystical Treatsss. It’s a great food place with tons of fantasy-themed decorations and things to see, as well as, lots of good food to eat. We had a chance to go there twice while we were in the area and this is what we experienced.


Mystical Treatsss is a fun place. There are items that correlate to the “mystical” theme all throughout the cafe. There really isn’t a place you can look and not see something fantasy. This place was totally immersive. From an adult perspective, it’s fun, but it can also be slightly overwhelming. Even the bathrooms were filled with mystical decorations! They have items everywhere you look that are for sale. While many of them are in some way related to the common themes, it also comes across as a little cluttered.

They have a really nice-looking outdoor seating area as well. It was too cold for us this time of year, although they have a nice firepit if you’re willing to brave the cold weather. It looks like it would be nice to sit outside during the summer though. Rating: 3 out of 5


Viewing it through the eyes of a child, this place is awesome. There are a million shiny fluffy fun elements to see. There are swings, tiny tables, and all sorts of other elements kids can get their hands on and enjoy experiencing. They even have a unicorn-shaped bench. There are items to distract them in every direction. Included in this, is a dragon mounted up high named, Dexter. If you ask the workers to wake Dexter up, he’ll actually breathe smoke. The kids’ menus double as a picture to color. They supply crayons and a small table kids can play and color at. Huge bonus, they have a great baby changing area, you can see that in our video here.

The second time we were there, they had started putting up their Christmas decorations, which were pretty over the top as well. Their intention is to have a little walk-through “Christmas Village” and the owner mentioned that closer to the holiday there would be days that Santa would be there.

They have a really reasonably priced kids menu, with a couple of kid favorites on there. The sides they offer include seasonal fruit so it’s possible to give them something healthy, unlike some other places we’ve been. The only aspect I would say could be a little better on that front is, they only offer one size of the ice cream so if your kids are small, you may end up on cleanup duty when they don’t finish it. It might be nice if they could offer a kids size or small size for the ice cream. Rating: 5 out of 5


During our first visit there, we tried the nitrogen ice cream. The flavors we ordered were the Dragon Poop and the Unicorn Wishes. The Dragon Poop is basically a chocolate overload, but in a good way. We chose to get it without the popcorn they offer. The Unicorn Wishes is a Cotton Candy base with real cotton candy and sprinkles. On our second visit, we went all out. We ordered “Two Napkin” Turkey Sandwich with tater tots, an order of Mac and Cheese and Elias ordered the rainbow grilled cheese. I sampled the nitrogen coffee and, we, of course, ended the night with the nitrogen ice cream. The second time we went, we ordered the Dragon Poop and the Unicorn Wishes like last time, but we added the Sweet Potato flavor as well.

The main course was good. The mac and cheese was obviously homemade and reminded Heather of her grandmother’s mac and cheese. The hot Turkey Sandwich was not quite two napkins like it was supposed to be, but the turkey meat in it was legit turkey. It was very moist and the overall taste was great. Elias’s rainbow grilled cheese was served on homemade rainbow bread. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but he liked it. The nitrogen coffee was very good. I expected it to be a little colder as other nitrogen-infused coffee I have had, but that didn’t change the fact that it was incredibly enjoyable. The flavor was good and I would recommend it.

Everything else aside, this was quite possibly the best ice cream we’ve ever eaten. Heather is a huge ice cream fan and even she couldn’t get over how much better it was in comparison to everything else she has ever tried. The flavors were great. The ice cream was especially creamy. The nitrogen used in the process of making the ice cream also made it super cold. Additionally, the novelty of watching them make the ice cream in front of you was really neat. The sweet potato ice cream was also surprisingly good. It reminded Heather of a pumpkin pie. The ice cream was made with real sweet potato and was topped with a toasted marshmallow. I didn’t anticipate I would like it, so I was pleasantly surprised. Rating: 5 out of 5


The pricing at Mystical Treatsss was a lot like the décor. It wasn’t bad, but a little hard to wrap your head around. In terms of the actual food they offer, it was relatively reasonable. For the adult entrees, you got a main and a side for $8-$10, depending on what you picked. The kids’ meal was also extremely affordable at only $5, and it comes with a side and a drink. The coffee prices were on the higher side and comparable to a specialty coffee shop. From what I tried, the taste was good enough for the price, but it was just an odd comparison to the food. The ice cream was on the higher end. I think this is probably justifiable as they make it in front of you and each order is essentially a sundae. It was strange to us as they only offer one size of the ice cream. Part of the confusion, for me at least, was that our meal cost only $20. When we ordered just ice cream it too was almost $20. Typically, I am used to there being some sort of gap. This is not something that would stop us from going, just seemed a little different than we’re used to. Rating: 3 out of 5


Mystical Treatsss Café is a fun place for the kid in all of us. Whether you’re an adult or a child, there are lots of fun and interesting elements to see. The design of the place, while cluttered and a bit chaotic, does a good job of keeping the kids entertained while you’re waiting for your food. The food is incredibly good. It’s much better than one might expect from a small local eatery. Everything we had was well cooked, well flavored, and all of it worked together. The ice cream was really like nothing we have ever eaten before. I would definitely rank it second to none. This is definitely a place we would recommend you stop at. When we’re in the Hellertown and Bethlehem area, it’ll be a place we frequent. Overall: 4 out of 5

Have you been to Mystical Treatsss or another place like it? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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