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Was it Good? An Urbano Mexican Kitchen and Bar Review!

Bethlehem, PA is a historic little town. It offers a large variety of restaurants that attract a lot of attention. One of those restaurants is Urbano Mexican Kitchen and Bar. While the Lehigh Valley is not the sort of place that comes to mind when I think of Mexican Cuisine, Urbano may have changed my mind. We stumbled across Urbano purely by accident. We were site-seeing around the town and walked past the place and paid little attention, as we were not planning on eating dinner at that point. On the way back to the car when we passed it again, we noticed the sidewalk sign which stated “Taco Tuesday – $2 Tacos.” This sign was speaking my language. Heather was also intrigued by the idea. Since it’s hard to say no to $2 tacos we quickly decided that we were in.


The atmosphere at Urbano is a very nice refined restaurant. It’s a nice size space that offers ample seating. The table settings are simple and tasteful. They pour your water when you are seated out of a growler, they offer both flat and sparkling water. There is a nice bar and the decorations around the restaurant suit the theme. Even the bathrooms are well-appointed and go along with the vibe of the place. Urbano also offers a nice outdoor seating area on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, complete with outdoor heaters for the cooler nights. Overall: 5 out of 5


In terms of the kid-friendly factor, I would say Urbano is kind of in the middle. There is nothing here that would make you inclined not to take your kids. The restaurant atmosphere is nice, but with the acoustics being what they are, you won’t be embarrassed if your kids are a little loud as there is a constant murmur of the diners around you. They do use real glasses for the drinks, but have kids cups for small children so that really isn’t an issue either. However, they don’t have a “kid’s menu” and that can make it tough, especially if your kids are picky. That being said, we got our 3-year-old a cheese quesadilla and he loved it. At the end of the day, while it may not be a “kid’s place,” kids are welcome and can have plenty of fun eating a family dinner there. For those of you with infants, they also have changing facilities for the baby, which is always a huge bonus. Rating: 3 out of 5


Urbano is a top-notch Mexican cuisine. The food quality is exceptional. Everything we have tried tastes great. The tacos are freshly made, and the ingredients are fantastic. The variety of tacos they offer are vast. The flavor combinations they have put together are delicious as well. The flour tortillas are nice and light, and the tacos are layered well. Each bite lets you take in all the flavors. I tried the pollo (chicken) taco (with bacon and a chipotle barbecue sauce), the chorizo (pork sausage) taco, and the camaron (shrimp) taco. Each was fantastic. The chorizo was probably the most traditional of the tacos I chose. The flavor was authentic and the seasoning of the pork was exactly as I would expect. The pineapple was a nice twist that added an interesting depth to the dish. The camaron taco was also really great, and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. It also had a nice little heat to it that made it even more enjoyable. The pollo taco was the one I was most skeptical about, but it truly surprised me. The bacon was crispy, and the chipotle barbecue added a great flavor that I had not expected. They also have a great drink selection and the margaritas are out of this world. I am not typically a huge margarita fan, but even I can get behind the ones they have at Urbano. Rating 5 out of 5


I think in terms of value, there are two points of view to have. In regards to the normal menu prices, I would consider them average for the quality of food you are getting. However, the real deals come with the happy hour and the specials. The times we have gone to Urbano, it has been Taco Tuesday. That’s right! Every taco on the menu is only $2 each. Heather and I could even pig out and still spend less then $20 if we don’t get drinks. And for high-quality food, that is a huge win in our book. Plus, that is cheaper than many of the fast-food choices we have on many occasions. We also took part in the happy hour as Heather got a $5 margarita. Now in many places we have been, the happy hour may mean cheaper prices, but it also means weaker drinks. At Urbano, this is not the case. The margarita Heather got was one of the better margaritas that I have ever tasted and packed all the punch one would expect. Rating: 4 out of 5


Urbano is definitely a winner. The restaurant is really nice. The food is fantastic. The drinks are great. Everything about the place is what makes it a great place to be. So, if you are looking for great Mexican cuisine, Urbano is the place for you. If you’re looking for a deal, Taco Tuesday during their happy hour is probably one of the best deals you can find, especially when you consider the quality. So if you’re going to be in the Lehigh Valley, Urbano Mexican Kitchen and Bar is a place I would highly recommend stopping to eat. Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Have you been to Urbano Mexican Kitchen & Bar? Where’s your favorite place to go on taco Tuesday? Tell us in the comments below!