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Meet Me at Sesame Place for Halloween!

“Sunny Days, Chasing the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet.” That’s right, Sesame Street. And we really can tell you how to get there. You can get there by taking a trip to Langhorne, PA to experience the one and only Sesame Place. This theme park is modeled after the iconic children’s show that has been a favorite for years. This particular trip, we went to check out “The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular.” This is how our fall fun measured up.


Sesame Place is a very well themed park that features all the favorite characters, sights, and sounds of Sesame Street. Halloween time is no exception. For the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, guests are treated to a very “spooky” Halloween experience. The park is transformed with cobwebs, pumpkins, hay bales, and so much more. There is even a Giant Count as a centerpiece when you enter the park. Along with the decorations, a whole different array of shows is rolled out that all channel the Halloween holiday, as well. Even the parade has modifications to join in the spooky fun. Rating: 4 out of 5


This category is pretty much a no brainer when it comes to Sesame Place. The park is designed with children in mind. From the theme to the rides to the games, this park is all about kid’s fun. In the summer, they also have some decent water attractions that kids of all ages (and on hot days, adults) really can enjoy. Since Sesame is inclusive of all children, they are a Certified Autism Center and offer a quiet space for children who may need a little hit of a break from all the fun. They also offer a family area where you can nurse your baby (great when it’s really hot or cold outside), make a bottle, or just rest with your baby when they need a nap or are overwhelmed. The only “miss” we find at Sesame from a kid-friendly standpoint that we dislike is the fact that the stores do not allow strollers in them. I can understand the space issue and hoping to deter theft, but with children, this becomes a real challenge when you are trying to shop. Having to leave your stroller out front is definitely inconvenient. They do keep in mind that there may be some slightly older siblings there (older than average Sesame age) so there are some rides that are geared to somewhat older kids.

For Halloween, they offer a trick or treating experience for the kids. They have stations set up throughout the park where kids can stop and get all sorts of different treats (for season pass holders they have extra stations). These range from small trinkets to juice boxes or snacks. This year they also offered a small scavenger hunt. The kids were tasked with locating 6 scarecrows throughout the park and counting the number of birds on that scarecrow. When they complete all 6, they are able to turn that in for a small prize at Hooper’s Store. It was a fun and educational addition to the day. Also new this year was Slimey’s Maze, where kids were able to go through a small maze looking for Oscar the Grouch’s pet Slimey. As is typical at both Halloween and Christmas, they also had their small trackless train set up for kids to ride. Rating: 5 out of 5


Sesame has a handful of dining options. They have your typical amusement park walk-up stands with a variety of common snacks like popcorn, soft pretzels, funnel cake, and the sort. For the main meal foods, they have a few counter service locations and one sit down restaurant that allows you to eat dinner while having a character dining experience. The food quality is basically the same at all the food places around the park. All of them serve the same basic menu with just minor variations. Most of the food is edible, but it isn’t anything you would write home about.

During this trip for the Halloween Spooktacular, we went to Elmo’s Eatery. We had eaten here in the past but this season they changed the menu to be an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet (they also had chicken nuggets!) The price is more than the other restaurants, but it is unlimited food. Again, the food is the same as other locations as well, but the buffet atmosphere allows you the option to get an assortment of different things. It includes the entrée, beverage, and dessert in the price. Rating: 2 out of 5


In a sense of overall value, like most amusement parks, Sesame is going to run you a pretty penny. Food tends to be on the higher end. Ticket prices are also not cheap. Personally, I think the price of parking is outrageous as well. If you are taking your kids there and they like Sesame Street, it is worth the cost. While the park is on the small side, they do a good job of really packing stuff in the space. The rides have something for everyone. The shows and parades are well choreographed and enjoyable. They also have a lot of places to meet and greets with the characters, which most kids love.

There are also a lot of ways to make the trip a little more affordable. If you do not live far from the park, a season pass is definitely worth it as you can go there as often as you like. We have season passes and have gotten our money’s worth. Depending on the tier you get, the season pass also will include free parking and discounts on food and merchandise. You can also find Groupon offers available from time to time that helps cut down the cost. If you are going more than once or are spending all day there, they offer a refillable drink and popcorn container that is a reasonable value. Rating: 3 out of 5


Sesame Place is a great experience for kids and Halloween time is no exception. The park is a lot of fun and the extras added for the holiday are really a nice treat. This is not a trip that is going to be inexpensive so you may want to take the time to really plan it out, especially if it will require a hotel stay. Make sure you try and take advantage of the ways you can save money. That being said, it’s totally worth spending the money, especially if your kids enjoy watching Sesame Street. The other thing to keep in mind is that it’s the only park like it anywhere so that alone makes it worth the trip (San Diego location opening in 2021). While it’s a totally different experience than taking a trip to Disney, it is still absolutely one of a kind. We would definitely recommend it as a great trip for the whole family. Rating: 4 out of 5

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