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4 Day Work Trip – Bethlehem and Scranton, PA

Our oldest son is so used to traveling that if it has been a few weeks he will ask when we are going back one. He enjoys seeing his dad everyday, the indoor pools, being allowed to watch tv, and going out in the late afternoon. This trip was a little tougher on him, because we just had a 8 day vacation with my in-laws, weekend spent with my family, then right away leave for Jason’s work trip. He missed his own home, but thankfully still enjoyed our little adventures.

Bethlehem, PA

Our first stop was Bethlehem, PA for two nights. I grew up only 90 minutes away but have never gone before. The town is full of history, shops, and places to eat. We took an afternoon to walk around and the weather was gorgeous.

Lit Coffee Roastery and Bake Shop

First, let’s get this out of the way… we were definitely being stared at and people were annoyed with us being there with our toddler and baby. My son was not running around or being really loud and the baby was sleeping. We bring our kids everywhere we are able to and make no apologies for it…#sorrynotsorry.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way…my oldest son loves coffee shops as much as we do and this time was no different. He picked out a delicious brownie, it was thick and just so moist. We also ate a cookies and cream French macaron…yum. I ordered a chai latte made with coconut milk and the tea itself was made using a fresh loose leaf tea bag. I do not drink coffee at all. I am one of the few people who HATES the taste of coffee, so it is important that other beverages are not just an afterthought. This chai was definitely not. Jason ordered a freshly roasted red eye and he really enjoyed it.

Urbano Mexican Kitchen and Bar

We had no intention of eating dinner here, but I happened to see their outdoor sign for taco Tuesday…only $2 a taco! We decided an early dinner was necessary. Our waitress then informed us that ALL of their tacos were included. Jason was in absolute heaven, between the three of us we order chicken, shrimp, steak, and fish tacos. We also ordered the chips and salsa for only $2.50. Fantastic meal and we hope to make it back there again!


Visiting the SteelStacks was such a cool and unique experience. My oldest son thought it was so cool and wanted to explore more. SteelStacks was once home to Bethlehem Steel, and instead of allowing it to be torn down or left empty, it is now open to tourists, hosts concerts, places to eat, a casino, etc. I would love to be able to see a concert here. I think it is amazing how they are preserving history and keeping it modern at the same time.

Scranton, PA

The Electric City! We decided to visit Steamtown National Historic Site and because it is federal it is free to visit. They offer train rides at only $5 per person and kids 6 and under are free. It is a short 25 minute ride with a employee/volunteer there to give history and answer questions. Our oldest son absolutely loves coming here and exploring all the trains and train cars. They have quite a few where you can actually get up very close and go inside them.



Have you been to Bethlehem or Scranton, PA? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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