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Making Hotel Meals (when you only have a mini fridge and a microwave!)

Delicious microwaveable meals… Ok, so this is not the healthiest of options, but we do what we need to do! Every trip we have, whether it is a work trip or not, we cook some meals in the microwave. The biggest challenge in the beginning was finding semi-healthy food that could easily be cooked in a microwave. We have not been lucky enough to stay at a hotel with a stovetop. Below I will share a list of the food we have tried and liked cooked in the microwave. I am also sharing the other items that are typically on our travel grocery list. We try are best, but sometimes junk is on the menu. Judge away!

We look up the closest Target to our hotel. Fortunately, we have always had one close to us. I am sure you can find the same or similar foods at other grocery stores.

We do not buy everything on this list for every single trip. When we do, it does tend to be when we are away for a week at the same hotel for my husband’s job. We do not buy many extras, because that means more to pack up or more to throw away. Neither of those options are appealing to us.

Frozen Peas – they stay on the top shelf of the fridge in the back

Sweet Potatoes – easy to store and stay good longer

Brown Rice – sold in small microwaveable pouches

Individual Cups of Mac n’ Cheese – we typically buy the all-natural or organic brands

Pasta & Sauce – either the microwaveable pouches and jar of sauce or the meal kits (in the pasta isle)

Frozen Vegetable Pastas & Sauce – an easy way to get you kids to eat vegetables

Frozen Vegetable Nuggets – are actually really good, but on the pricier side

Fresh Berries – most hotels breakfasts do not have berries and we love them

Apples – we buy a bag (they stay good longer in the refrigerator) or we take an extra apple at breakfast for my son

Strawberry Preserves – my son loves PB&J and is a regular staple at home too

Whole Wheat Bread – one loaf is usually enough for us

Creamy Peanut Butter – we like the no sugar added brands

Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice – actually tasted pretty good, not as good as takeout

Ramen – such a delicious guilty pleasure and cheap too

Dark Chocolate – we usually get a little sweet attack and just needs a little piece

Unsweetened Applesauce – we buy the individual cups for the hotel room

Applesauce Carrot & Spinach – these are pouches and specific to target

Goldfish – we buy both the bag for the hotel and individual packets for when we are out

Cheerios – we buy the individual packets

Spring Water – we buy a couple of gallons

Microwaveable Popcorn – we would eat it after our son was asleep and watch some tv

Chips – usually just a large bag to go with our sandwiches

Soda – my husband likes to get a 12 pack of coke (ok… I help drink them too)

Cups, Plates, Utensils – grab a few extra at breakfast, buy some disposable, or buy a few reusable

Small Container of Dish Soap – to wash reusable dishes



What foods do you buy for your trips? Let’s us know in the comments below!

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