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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

*If you plan on vacationing the beach via a cruise, we have a specific packing list for that here.

I was fortunate enough to grow up going to the Jersey Shore every summer and multiple times during the summer with my family. My husband was also fortune and took a summer vacation to the Jersey Shore also growing up with his family.

Packing for a beach vacation is pretty much second nature to me, but with kids that has changed. Now I use a list, because if I do not use one I know I will forget something.

Baby Essentials – Yes, babies require a lot, but if you have a toddler this list shrinks!

• 10 diapers a day (plus a few extra)

• Wipes (what you normal go through plus an extra 1-2 packs)

• Diaper rash cream

• Diaper trash bags

• Swim diapers

• Toothbrush and child tooth paste

• Pacifier (bring extra)

• Baby wash

• Baby lotion

• Disposable bibs

• Burp cloths

• Disposable placemats

• Disposable diaper changing pads

• Bottles and nipples and/or sippy cups

• Baby friendly prepackaged snacks

• Baby/child Sunscreen

• Dish soap (travel size)

• Bottle and straw brush

• Stroller fan

• Formula (bring extra) or breast pump with supplies

• 2 pack n play sheets

• Pack n play

• Beach toys

• Favorite Lovey

• Smalls toys and books (travel activity packs are great!

• Child harness (controversial but you do you)

• Stroller and/or carrier

• Comb/brush

• Sunglasses

• Hat

• 2 Swimsuits (depending on how long you are on vacation)

• Water shoes

• Sandals

• Pajamas (what you use usually plus extra 1-2)

• 1 outfit per day (plus a few extra)

Electronics – We have gotten to the point where we barely bring our camera with us. Most times we just use our iPhones.

• Phones

• Tablets/laptop

• Charger and portable charger

• Headphones

• Camera and extra SD cards

• Handheld fan (if spend a lot of time in the heat)

Travel Documents/Necessities – We usually have a basic itinerary on what we want to do and on what days. Sometimes we change things around once we are there, but we like having a game plan. Why “waste” time figuring it out once we are there?

• Personal ID (drivers license)

• Hotel/house/condo rental confirmations

• Medical insurance cards

• Credit card/ATM card

• Itinerary

Beach Necessities – If you have the space, a beach cart is amazing for lugging the kids sand toys and chairs.

• Beach bag

• Sunscreen

• Beach umbrella

• Baby beach tent

• Beach chairs

• Beach towels

• Large beach blanket

• Sand toys

• Cooler with drink

• Prepackaged snacks

• Beach hat

• Sunglasses

Clothing – I plan out our outfits before packing and prefer not to do laundry on trips (unless they are more than a week). We do not typically go to bars, etc.

• Lightweight coat/sweater

• 1 outfit per day

• Belts

• Bras

• Underwear

• Pajamas

• 2 Swimsuits (depending on how long you are on vacation)

• Coverup

• Hat

• Sandals

• Flip flops

• Sunglasses

General Essentials – We pretty much take everything except the waterproof cases and mini binoculars.

• Waterproof phone or tablet case

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Backpack

• Poo pourri

• Laundry pods (some vacation rentals have washer and dryers)

• Mini first aid kit

• Tide to go stain remover

• Travel hand sanitizer

• Mini sewing kit

• Small binoculars (especially if you are into bird watching)

Personal Items/Toiletries – We take travel size in everything we can (if going a week or less). We have the reusable travel containers that we refill has needed before we leave in vacation.

• Shampoo and conditioner

• Lotion

• Face wash and moisturizer

• Body wash

• Deodorant

• Feminine products

• Shaving supplies

• Contacts and solution

• Hairspray

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Floss

• Makeup and makeup remover

• Perfume/cologne

• Brush/comb

• Hair ties and clips

• Nail file and clippers

• Vitamins/Rx

• Hair dryer and/or flat iron (Invest in a good quality travel size)

• Jewelry (leave pricey stuff at home)

Happy Vacationing!



Any must pack items you recommend? Let us know!

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