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Ultimate Cruise Packing List

First, I realize some people may think this list is excessive, but it doesn’t mean you need to pack everything. We are a cruising family and we don’t use EVERYTHING on the list, but everyone and every family is different. This list was compiled by talking to my extended family members (who are seasoned cruisers) and other parents who cruise with their young children.

Travel size everything is your best friend, especially if you’re flying. Also, if you have car rental, you can stop at a local target, Walmart, drugstore, etc. to purchase some on the items you plan on taking.

I’d much rather be safe than sorry. I tend to only slightly overpack. Most everything is used. Plus, there have been times I wished I had a certain item but decided not to pack it. I also write out a detailed packing list of ever single item that we are taking and prepare accordingly. If you’re the type of person to pack a few shirts, sunscreen, and a swimsuit then go for it!

First Aid Kit – yes, I do take everything that’s listed and yes, I have needed it every cruise.

• Gauze

• Bandages

• Burn cream

• Neosporin

• Tape

• Tweezers

• Gloves

• Ibuprofen

• Tylenol

• Infant/children’s Tylenol

• Benadryl

• Children’s Benadryl

• Cotton rounds

• Cold/cough medicine

• Cough drops

• Children’s cold/cough medicine

• Gripe Water

• Alcohol wipes

• Aloe Vera

• Cortisone-10

• Thermometer

• Tums and/or Pepto

• Bonine

• Hand sanitizer

• Instant ice pack

Baby Essentials – I took so much when I cruised with my oldest son at 8 months old, but when he cruised at 20 months I didn’t need all of the items. Also, we always have dinner in the main dining room and we always dress up for elegant night.

• Birth certificate or passport

• 10 diapers a day- plus a few extra

• Wipes-what you normal go through plus an extra 1-2 packs

• Diaper rash cream

• Diaper trash bags

• Swim diapers

• Toothbrush and child tooth paste

• Pacifier (bring extra)

• Baby wash

• Baby lotion

• Disposable bibs

• Disposable burp cloths

• Disposable placemats

• Disposable diaper changing pads

• Bottles and nipples and/or sippy cups

• Baby friendly prepackaged snacks

• Baby/child Sunscreen

• Inflatable infant tub

• Dish soap (travel size)

• Bottle and straw brush

• Stroller fan

• Formula (bring extra) or breast pump with supplies

• 2 mini crib sheets or pack n play sheets

• Beach toys

• Favorite Lovey

• Smalls toys and books (travel activity packs are great!

• Child harness (controversial but you do you)

• Stroller and/or carrier

• Comb/brush

• Sunglasses

• Hat

• 2 Swimsuits

• Water shoes

• Sandals

• Dress shoes

• Socks for dress shoes

• Pajamas (what you use usually plus extra 1-2)

• 1 outfit per day (plus a few extra)

• 1 outfit per dinner (if eating at main dining or restaurant)

• 1 or 2 formal outfits for elegant night dinner (2 on 6+ nights and 1 on 3-5 nights)

Electronics – We personally have not needed the power-strip, but many cruisers do.

• Phones

• Tablets/laptop

• Charger and portable charger

• Headphones

• Camera and extra SD cards

• Non-surge protector power-strip or multi outlet plug

• European outlet adapter

• Small flashlight

• Travel fan (if you want some airflow in the room)

• Handheld fan (can get hot at the ports)

Travel Documents/Necessities – We prefer traveling with passports. My oldest son got a passport at 5 months old for the cruise and my youngest son will get a passport also.

• Birth certificate or passport or visa

• Personal ID (drivers license)

• Cruise documents and boarding passes

• $200 in $5 bills and $1 bills

• Medical insurance cards

• Credit card/ATM card

• Itinerary

• Luggage tags for stateroom (provided by cruise)

Clothing – I plan out our outfits before packing and prefer not to do laundry on the ship. My mom doesn’t mind doing laundry and packs a bit lighter than me.

• Lightweight coat/sweater

• 1 outfit per day (plus a few extra)

• 1 outfit per dinner (if eating at main dining or restaurant)

• 1 or 2 formal outfits for elegant night dinner (2 elegant nights on 6+ night cruise and 1 on 3-5 night cruises)

• Belts and/or ties

• Socks

• Bras

• Underwear

• Pajamas

• 2 Swimsuits

• Coverup

• Hat

• Sandals

• Flip flops

• Dress shoes

• Hiking shoes (for some excursions)

• Sunglasses

General Cruise essentials – Some of the items aren’t essential to us, but to many cruisers they are. It comes down to packing space and personal preference.

• Travel coffee mug

• Refillable water bottle

• Waterproof phone or tablet case and/or waterproof camera

• Waterproof bag for small items to take on excursions

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Backpack

• Pop-up hamper

• Poo pourri

• Laundry pods

• Mini first aid kit for excursions

• Air freshener for stateroom

• Over the door shoe organizer

• Bottle of wine (1 per person in stateroom 21 years and older)

• Corkscrew (if you bring your own wine and want to avoid corkage fees)

• 12 pack of soda/drink (1 per person in stateroom)

• Towel clips for beach towels

• Tide to go stain remover

• Travel hand sanitizer

• Lanyard with cardholder

• Mini sewing kit

• Small binoculars

• Snorkel gear and goggles

• Playing cards (great for relaxing sea days!)

• Nightlight

Personal items/toiletries – Cruise ships have shampoo and body wash, I don’t use them but my husband does.

• Shampoo and conditioner

• Lotion

• Face wash and moisturizer

• Body wash

• Deodorant

• Feminine products

• Shaving supplies

• Contacts and solution

• Hairspray

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Floss

• Makeup and makeup remover

• Perfume/cologne

• Brush/comb

• Hair ties and clips

• Nail file and clippers

• Vitamins/Rx

• Hair dryer and/or flat iron (I hate using the hairdryer supplied by cruise ships)

• Jewelry (leave pricey stuff at home)

Happy Cruising!



Any must pack items you recommend? Let us know!

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