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4th of July at the Villas, NJ

Thursday afternoon we got back from the Poconos work trip. Friday we had a ton of last minute errands for my oldest son’s birthday party. Saturday we had his birthday party (dinosaur themed and so much fun!). Sunday was actually a nice relaxing afternoon with family and enjoying a cookout. Monday through Wednesday clean and pack for our 4th of July mini getaway. Wednesday night leave for the Jersey Shore and arrive at 9:30pm. I’m exhausted just typing that all out but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We kept the 4th of July pretty relaxing. Had brunch at our favorite local restaurant called Castaway Cafe. Their food never disappoints, but prepare for service to be slow. No fireworks for us, because honestly we were tired, you know with an infant and a 3 year old.

It was pretty hot and humid, plus we knew all the beaches, boardwalks, etc. would be too crowded, so we headed back to the house we were staying (fortunate my Aunt owns a place just outside of Cape May and that’s where we stay). The baby is happy as long as his belly is full and someone is holding him and Jason was more than willing to volunteer to cuddle him all afternoon. My oldest son was learning to ride his bike, playing a game outside, and went on a bike ride with his grandparents. He was so exhausted, from being up early and going to bed late the night before, that he actually fell asleep. We ended the day with drinks and another great local restaurant called Erma’s Deli and Pizzeria. Their food is really good and they have free local delivery! They do have a small indoor and outdoor area to eat there too. We’ve eaten there and had delivery and both times we were completely satisfied.

The next day my oldest son wasn’t feeling well so we thought it best to avoid the heat and stay cool indoors. I held and cuddled the baby all day and did some wash (because you know a baby with bad reflux). Steaks on the grill, Mac n’ cheese, and corn was on the menu for dinner, plus some delicious strawberry lemonade with strawberry lemonade vodka. A nice breeze came out so we could actually sit outside and enjoy it.

We ended the weekend appropriately at the bay just down the street. My oldest son couldn’t wait to take his bucket and just dig in the sand. He would have stayed for hours if we let him.



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