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Poconos – Stroudsburg and Wilkes-barre

My husband travels throughout the year for his job and, when we can, my boys and I like to travel with him. This trip was no exception, but it was the first time traveling with the new baby. I’m must admit, it was a bit intimidating and I seriously considered not going. However, the pros outweighed the cons and I was onboard.

Surprisingly enough, packing wasn’t as nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I’m one of those packers who use a very detailed list. My packing list also varies depending on where we’re traveling to. At this point I have most of it memorized, especially for shorter trips. You can find detailed packing lists here. I also like to be over prepared, again depending on where we’re traveling to.

We headed to Stroudsburg first for two nights. About a two hour drive for us. We automatically add an hour if we need to stop, so we gave ourselves three hours to get there. Much to our surprise both boys slept the entire ride and we didn’t need to make any stops! By the time we got to the hotel they were breaking down, but we still made it straight through!

Typically, on these trips I try to find local things to do that are family friendly, but this time I didn’t plan on doing anything. I couldn’t help myself and turned to google. I found two places that I thought we could fit in our two night stay in Stroudsburg, Pocono Snake and Animal Farm and the Delaware Water Gap.

Our first stop was the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm. My older son, like most kids, loves animals and this wasn’t too expensive: adults $8.50 and kids 2-11 $7.50. It definitely had an old roadside attraction feel and wasn’t very large at all. They have the option of feeding their goats, pigs, monkeys, and a bear. The cost to feed each is $2.00. The pigs and goats are fed with a bottle. My older son chose the pigs. It was adorable! We actually wished we would have purchased more to bottle feed the goats too. The monkeys are fed by putting the food down a tube and these monkeys waited, one not so patiently as it pointed to where it wants its food and banged on the glass because we were taking too long! The bear was a much longer tube and he literally sat at the bottom just waiting. My older son decided to try what he was feeding the bear and wasn’t very impressed. The other animals they had included wallaby’s, raccoons, parrots, snakes, spiders, bunnies, lemurs, bobcats, alligators, turtles, chinchillas, and other animals I’m probably forgetting. The visit only takes about 1.5 hours. My older son LOVED it and is still asking to go back to feed the goats. Our final verdict: it’s worth checking out and we’ll probably visit again.

On checkout day and before we headed to Wilkes-Barre, we decided to check out the Delaware Water Gap in the Stroudsburg area specifically (we’d like to visit the other areas on another trip). The Delaware Water Gap is a National Park. The views were very pretty. The Delaware Water Gap offers camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, on both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey sides, in addition to its beauty.

Next, we headed to the Woodlands Inn in Wilkes-barre. You’d never know it by driving by, but its wooded area and creek are amazing! We didn’t leave the hotel at all instead we went swimming in their outdoor poor, enjoyed meals outside overlooking the creek, and took nice short walks in the wooded area. We really enjoy their pizza and their free breakfast (with made to order omelettes!) is one of the best free breakfasts we’ve had at a hotel. Plus, they offer free appetizers and $1.50 drinks specials during the week from 5:00-6:00pm. We haven’t explored the surrounding areas much, but hope to fit that in in future trips!

It was a good trip. Not too busy and relatively “easy.”



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