Traveling with Kids – What’s the Difference?

The differences are pretty obvious. Obvious enough to scare people into waiting a long time to have kids of their own. I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s always wonderful or easy. It’s not either. Overall, I love it and wouldn’t change anything, but let me tell you… it’s hard.

We went from just worrying about the two of us, and what we wanted, to putting the wants and needs of our kids first while in strange places and foreign countries. Of course they come first, but it changes the travel dynamics a lot.

These are a few things that are different, at least for our family.

Packing – I used to pride myself only taking a carryon and personal item when flying, those days no longer exist. Kids need a lot.

TimeEVERYTHING will take longer. Don’t fight it, it only makes it worse. Save yourself the aggravation and plan for some extra time.

Bathrooms – A lot of time will be spent looking for them and using them.

Cost – From food to souvenirs, it all adds up.

Joy – Every single time I see my son light up with excitement, makes it all worth it.

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